“ Il est là en vitrine... qu'il est beau avec son vrai clavier et puis ce rouge !...

Bon, j'entre. Il y a là deux vendeurs et une demi-douzaine de clients.
J'attends mon tour en examinant l' intérieur du magasin, apparemment l'ATMOS est la principale attraction. Il y en a cinq en démonstration , aucun autre ordinateur ne tourne et visiblement tout le monde repart avec son ORIC sous le bras (Pourvu qu'il en reste…).

Ca y est c'est mon tour et il en reste !!! Ca y est, j'ai mon Oric ! ”

  Twilighte is gone
Tue 28th May 2013
On the 29th of May, the following message was posted on Jonathan's Facebook page by his brother Matthew:

Thank you for all your loving messages for my beautiful brother Jonathan, we read them to him yesterday afternoon. We all took comfort from your words of loving friendship.

My gentle and brave brother Jonathan, died last night at 6:00pm. He was surrounded by love, with close family holding his hand and precious friends who visited just before his final moments.

No words are adequate for how we feel, our loss is felt deeply by all that knew and loved him.

This was followed by a message on the next day giving information about the church service.

On Thursday 6th June at 10:00am was quite a significantly large number of people present at Dunstable's chapel in the West Stree cemetery.

Of course family members and friends were present, but there was also a number of representants of the Oric and demoscene world: Dave Dick, Matt Coates, Jede, Symoon, Chevron and myself (Dbug) 1.

The service was quite emotional, but also packed with interesting information: Jonathan was a computer geek of course, but he also loved walking or bicycling in the nature, travel, discuss with people he did not know, cook, invent weird explosive cocktails, and other unusual things.

He was also full of life and was more interested by his friends health than by his own problems. Apparently in the hospital yard, surrounded by people apparently ready to accept their final journey, he was complaining about the abysmal taste of food and asked for somebody to fetch him something at Burger King.

After the funerals, everybody moved to a reception to the Priory House Team Rooms. This was one of his favourite place, just at the corner of where he had his apartment.

There was interesting discussions with the cousins and friends, and I finally learnt what made Jonathan such a multi-talented person: His father was a painter and a composer (among other thing), while his mother can speak French and Swahili and knows a bit of Norwegian!

We had a laptop with us, packed with most of Jonathan's work, ranging from his earlier BASIC games to his latest assembler masterpieces, including games and demos, and some never released prototypes.

Jonathan nephew asked for a way to play all these games later on his computer, so we are going to make an easy to install 'Twilighte Games' collection.

Unfortunately timed passed quite fast, and at some point people had to leave to catch their trains or planes, but I had a bit of time left so I moved back to the cemetery with Jonathan's family and took one last photo:

A collect is open for the charitable hospice that looked after Jonathan. Donations through White Dove Funerals, 50 High Street South, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3HD.

Some people have expressed the wish to send condolence cards, the address for this is: 1 Greenlee, Wilnecote, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 4BT.

1. More people wanted to attend, but unfortunately it tends to be difficult to do when you have less than a week to organize things.

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2010 - Jonathan Bristow

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