“ Despite the Oric 1 keyboard calculator, the great graphics and sound made me choose this machine...
A bit before receiving my order I was informed that the oric 1 was no longer for sale and would be replaced by the oric 2. I didnt know what I had bought! And I was surprised when I discovered that my gift was called atmos, and had a real keyboard.

For me this machine means freedom creation. With other one that could be 'this thing authorized and this other one is prohibited because too complicated for you, because you are just a primary schoolboy'. the contents of oric Handbook means 'I explains to you gently in the beginning, after it will go faster, and in the end, does what you want with, you are the boss' ”

  MOTA is started!
Fri 1st March 2013

Now, that the contest is about to start, we would like to recall what should be the spirit of this constest:

The letter and the spirit...
First of all, we hope that gamers will spend a good time, that's the principal point.

Secondly, in the minds of the jury, this contest is, above all, a friendly competition. The ultimate goal is not to win the Microdisc, but to participate.

Sharing progress or trampling, giving here and there, some help to those who would be stuck or receiving help from the faster players, that's the way we wish this contest would go.

The jury, of course, will give some tips, in case of particular hard point.

Mutual aid and happyness should be the hallmarks of this friendly "competition" :-)

In an attempt to instore this mood, the jury decided to add an eighth point in the contest rules.

This point is the following:

8 - To settle possible ties, the jury will evaluate players's participation in the forum and their spirit of cooperation with other players.

Prepare your brain, the investigation begins!

The game!
A small but important point: The game (and user manual) is available in both English and French versions. If you prefer to play the game in French all you need is to switch to the French version of this page!1

Here are the files to download: The game is a DSK file which will work fine with most emulators2 and can also be used to create real Oric floppies.

The user manual is a in PFG format and contains a copy of the physical clues that you will need to access when the game tells you to.

Good luck, and don't forget to register the official forum.

1. Click on the small flag at the top right...
2. Tested on both Euphoric and Oricutron.

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2002 - Jonathan Bristow

“Totally awesome game for the Oric platform. I haven't seen a game better than this in 20 years of dedicated Oric use. If you only play one Oric game - make it this one.”

“Great, great game ahead ! Ok, saying 'twilighte' is enough to make one understand the technical side of the game is great. Maybe I'll be less enthousiast about the graphics, or should I say the scanline colors, but that's really a detail. And, on the game itself, it's quite simply the most addictive breakout for the Oric - as good as other platform ones.”

“Great sound, good grahics, very addictive, GREAT WORK!!. With software as this... long life to ORIC!.”