“ Despite the Oric 1 keyboard calculator, the great graphics and sound made me choose this machine...
A bit before receiving my order I was informed that the oric 1 was no longer for sale and would be replaced by the oric 2. I didnt know what I had bought! And I was surprised when I discovered that my gift was called atmos, and had a real keyboard.

For me this machine means freedom creation. With other one that could be 'this thing authorized and this other one is prohibited because too complicated for you, because you are just a primary schoolboy'. the contents of oric Handbook means 'I explains to you gently in the beginning, after it will go faster, and in the end, does what you want with, you are the boss' ”

  Here are the questions
Fri 8th February 2013

And finally here comes the contest rules:

  1. To celebrate Oric’s 30th birthday, a contest has been organised starting from March 1st, 2013. This contest is open to all.

  2. The purpose of the contest is to answer a questionnaire concerning the game "MURDER ON THE ATLANTIC"

  3. To participate, you must return the completed questionnaire by e-mail to the following address: MSA_CONCOURS@yahoo.fr, accompanied by a slogan glorifying the Oric and a short novel,

  4. Each question will earn from 0 to a maximum of 5 points, depending on the information you provide in your answer.

    As an example, the question: “Who Killed JFK?” could yield between 0 and 3 points.
    • Omer Simpson: 0 point
    • Lee Harvey Oswald: 1 point
    • It is suspected that several shooters may have been involved: + 1 point
    • We suspect a conspiracy involving CIA and the Mafia: + 1 point

    Only the members of the jury know the total number of points a given question can earn. The contest participants do not know this total and must give, to each question, as complete an answer as possible, in order to maximise their chances of victory. 1

  5. At the end of the competition (December 31st, 2013), the name of the winner will be published by the Sponsors’ Websites (Defence-Force and OGC).

  6. The winner will receive a disc micro controller “Microdisc” Oric.

  7. The honorary president of the jury is Bertrand Brocard. The jury is composed of: Doc. Mc COY, Denis Sol (Maximus), Mickael Pointier (Dbug) and Dominique Pessan (Dom). The jury is sovereign in its decisions, which are final.

  • Who wrote the threatening letter?
  • How can you prove it?
  • Who is "the brightest star"?
  • What is the name of the president of the association whose whole board of directors went away with the cash for a transatlantic cruise?
  • The letter signed by Birgit Neumann contains two improbabilities. What are they?
  • What is the name of the machine which one can see on the micro-film?
  • Give the listing of program whose flow diagram is provided.
  • What is the meaning of the radio telegram?
  • At what time did it arrive?
  • To whom does the wallet that was found belong?
  • What does the torn photograph represent?
  • Has the gun in the picture been used?
  • The gun is a Colt P38 special. What is the nickname of this weapon?
  • Who killed the pilot "de la Vallière "?
  • Where? And why?
  • What proof have you got?
  • At what time? How do you know this?
  • What is the name of the second body?
  • How did he die? And why?
  • What could be found on him?
  • Where is the scientist Turning?
  • Why is he there?
  • What can be found in the elevators?
  • What happens every evening at midnight during the crossing?
  • Where are the occupants who are away from their cabin?
  • Who wrote the word found on the security guard of the hold?
  • The whiskey smuggler was not well informed when he thought he would get rich selling alcohol in the USA. Why?
  • What password allows you to search the entire boat?
  • Who is the agent X13?
  • When is the message "GEHEIM!" dated?
  • In what country does Mr. Jacobson live?
  • What caused Greta Von Baumann’s deafness? Are you sure?
  • The position given on the SOS has something special about it. What?
  • What does CQD mean in this SOS?
  • Who are we talking about in the message in Morse code?
  • What does the message written with invisible ink mean?
  • One character is the father of one of the protagonists of “Meurtre à grande vitesse”. Which one?
  • How far was the shot that went through the cloth (photograph) fired?
  • What is the codeword which allows decryption of the message "GEHEIM!"?
  • What does Herr Kempfer deal with in everyday life?
  • The address of Ph. De la Vallière has something special about it. What?
  • And his telephone number?
  • What is wrong with the front elevator?
  • What do the letters SS in front of the name of the French liners mean?
  • What are the names of the creator and of the machine, whose plans can be found?
  • What is the official commodity price of oats on April 11th, 1938?
  • And finally, how old is the captain?

Ancillary questions:
  1. To settle possible ties, each entrant must write a slogan glorifying the ORIC.
  2. In addition, the jury would appreciate reading a short novel (at least two pages) telling of this eventful cruise, in form of a tiny detective story.

Thanks a lot to Matt Coates for reviewing and editing this English version of the rules2.

The game will be released on the March 1st, be ready!

1. Accurate information, not included in the official responses list held by the jury, will not win any extra points.
2. Any error have been introduced by Dbug when editing the html code.

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