“ Il est là en vitrine... qu'il est beau avec son vrai clavier et puis ce rouge !...

Bon, j'entre. Il y a là deux vendeurs et une demi-douzaine de clients.
J'attends mon tour en examinant l' intérieur du magasin, apparemment l'ATMOS est la principale attraction. Il y en a cinq en démonstration , aucun autre ordinateur ne tourne et visiblement tout le monde repart avec son ORIC sous le bras (Pourvu qu'il en reste…).

Ca y est c'est mon tour et il en reste !!! Ca y est, j'ai mon Oric ! ”

  Contest Murder on the Atlantic
Mon 14th January 2013
Orician friend: It is time to wake up your inner detective and rediscover the incredible Cobrasoft investigation games!

Embark on the fabulous Le Bourgogne1 Ship and investigate the mystery in the soon to be released game Murder on the Atlantic.

A contest around this game is launched to celebrate this 30th Oric birthday; with a top prize for the winner.

The contest will begin on March 1st, but in the meantime a little game awaits you on the official forum.

And here is a video of the demo mode so you get an idea of what the game looks like. Enjoy!

1. French name for 'Burgundy'.

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Grand Prix

1990 - Alistair Way

“Ah, this is a great Super Sprint remake ! I sadly never had the full version with all tracks. Each car can be changed, and multiplayer is allowed. I'm surprised this game seems to remain unknown, any Super Sprint-like fans must try it.”

“Excellent game by the talented Ali Way. I recall he was looking for ideas for new games to write and I went back with 'Super Sprint clone, please!'. He hadn't even heard of the game, which makes the final result even more amazing. I sent him a few screen shots and a game review. He came back with Grand Prix. A superb conversion - 4 player no less!”
Rob Cook