“ Il est là en vitrine... qu'il est beau avec son vrai clavier et puis ce rouge !...

Bon, j'entre. Il y a là deux vendeurs et une demi-douzaine de clients.
J'attends mon tour en examinant l' intérieur du magasin, apparemment l'ATMOS est la principale attraction. Il y en a cinq en démonstration , aucun autre ordinateur ne tourne et visiblement tout le monde repart avec son ORIC sous le bras (Pourvu qu'il en reste…).

Ca y est c'est mon tour et il en reste !!! Ca y est, j'ai mon Oric ! ”

  Cumulus Preorders
Sat 23rd November 2013
It is finally happening! Cumulus is entering production phase!

What is Cumulus, and why we are producing it:

A significant number of people own Oric computers, but due to the lack of availability of Disk Drive units, most have to use emulators in order to watch floppy based software.

It is true that back in the days there was not a lot of available software on disk, but this is not the case anymore, and having a disk unit gives access to a significant number of software, such as the hundreds of CEO discs compilations, most of Twilighte's tools, games (suchs as Space 1999, Pulsoids, 1337, Murder on the Atlantic), demos (Barbitoric, Buggy Boy, Quintessential, ...), sound compilations, slideshows, etc...

Some people have been trying to find alternative solutions, such as using the HxC floppy emulator to replace aging and difficult to source 3" disk drives, but unfortunately this does not solve the main problem: Finding controller boards is very difficult and build new ones requires hard to find components.

The best solution so far, is Cumulus.

Originally designed by Retromaster1 the project was unfortunately stopped in its tracks for various reasons, but he gave us all the design documents so somebody else could try to get the project alive and kicking.2

Fortunately, Boris Kaminski (aka Metadata) took over, downloaded the design documents, and managed to build his own Cumulus3. And he is ok to produce a batch of Cumulus for all of us, at what I think is a pretty reasonable price considering how a 'must have' this product is.

Cumulus specifications:
  • it is a modern reimplementation of the Oric Microdisc disk unit
  • it is fully compatible with it (it was tested with the existing games and demos)
  • the virtual floppies format used is the standard DSK format supported by all the Oric emulators
  • the usage is simple, thanks to a menu based system using a color screen and some selection buttons allowing you to select the floppies you want to run
  • it has a nice black and red casing (3d printed) so nicely fit with the design of your Oric Atmos

If you are interested, please go the official Cumulus Preorder Thread and add a post stating how many devices you want to buy!

1. You can visit his blog at http://retromaster.wordpress.com
2. The design documents are hosted on the Defence Force SVN repository
3. You can read - in German - on his blog

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1987 - Gary Munro, Ian Marshall & John Cumming

“Always thought this was a wonderful game. The fact that you had to control direction of movement with one hand and direction of shooting with the other made the game challenging and all the more interesting. The few times I actually managed to load this game, I spent hours trying to improve my score.”

“Technically quite impressive but didn't really work. Had a tune playing while game loaded (a first for the Oric) was was technially good but not great quality - just like the game.”
Rob Cook