“ My Dad happened to be old friends of the guy importing Oric to Australia, so we bought one of the very first that arrived on that hot continent. I spent 1984 - 1989 getting together as much software as I could for my Oric-1, before moving on to other machines (Unix workstations .. MIPS, etc.)
It was the machine I cut my teeth on.

Now I have two young kids, and I want them to know something about their Dad, eventually: he didn't ever believe that 'old computers die', just .. their users do. So, I've been slowly rebuilding my Oric-1 accessories, library, etc. Well, I've gone beyond the limits of good taste actually, with now a Telestrat, 7 Atmos's, 2 Oric-1's and various other sundry hardware (disk drive!) in my collection. ”

  June CEO meeting
Sun 9th June 2013
The next Oric meeting in Paris will be on Saturday june 15 2013!

It will be held from 2 p.m.to 6 p.m. on the 1st floor at the following address:

17 rue des petits Hôtels

The place is within walking distance (5 mins) of the Eurostar railway terminal.

As usual a lunch is possible, around 12:00, at "Relais des Deux Gares", on boulevard Magenta, opposite Rue des Petits Hotels

E-mail: ceo(at)oric(.)org
Web: http://www.oric.org/?page=ceo

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Volcanic 4 Demo

1998 - Mickaël Pointier

“Hey, the first demo on the Oric, it was really impressive when i saw it for the first. I was not thinking that Oric could do that. It's also a factor for me that learn a lot more on the Oric in 98.”

“This was the first time I think that anyone had seen a demo on the Oric (by demo I mean something form the demo-scene, not the Atmos Welcome Tape :-). It was very shocking to see something like this on the Oric - it was so much more powerful than anything that had been seen before, although I had seen similar demo's on the Spectrum and great ones on the 64. Contains lots of really good little bits - the polygon routine is particularly neat and the Windows 95 screen is funny.”