“ Il est là en vitrine... qu'il est beau avec son vrai clavier et puis ce rouge !...

Bon, j'entre. Il y a là deux vendeurs et une demi-douzaine de clients.
J'attends mon tour en examinant l' intérieur du magasin, apparemment l'ATMOS est la principale attraction. Il y en a cinq en démonstration , aucun autre ordinateur ne tourne et visiblement tout le monde repart avec son ORIC sous le bras (Pourvu qu'il en reste…).

Ca y est c'est mon tour et il en reste !!! Ca y est, j'ai mon Oric ! ”

  June CEO meeting
Sun 9th June 2013
The next Oric meeting in Paris will be on Saturday june 15 2013!

It will be held from 2 p.m.to 6 p.m. on the 1st floor at the following address:

17 rue des petits Hôtels

The place is within walking distance (5 mins) of the Eurostar railway terminal.

As usual a lunch is possible, around 12:00, at "Relais des Deux Gares", on boulevard Magenta, opposite Rue des Petits Hotels

E-mail: ceo(at)oric(.)org
Web: http://www.oric.org/?page=ceo

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2002 - Jonathan Bristow

“Totally awesome game for the Oric platform. I haven't seen a game better than this in 20 years of dedicated Oric use. If you only play one Oric game - make it this one.”

“Great, great game ahead ! Ok, saying 'twilighte' is enough to make one understand the technical side of the game is great. Maybe I'll be less enthousiast about the graphics, or should I say the scanline colors, but that's really a detail. And, on the game itself, it's quite simply the most addictive breakout for the Oric - as good as other platform ones.”

“Great sound, good grahics, very addictive, GREAT WORK!!. With software as this... long life to ORIC!.”